Principal Message


I am extremely happy to be the Principal of Government Arts College, a prestigious institution in the spiritual town, Thiruvannamalai. The college is situated on the mountain path of Thiruvannamalai facing the peak of Arunachala Mountain of Bliss, where the Holy Beacon burns on Karthikai Deepam, as the sayings of Jawarlal Nehru “Educational Institutes are temples of learning, with education and knowledge as the Goddess, Teachers as it’s priests and students as its Devotees”. Established in 1966, the institution is dedicated for higher learning especially for the students, from rural area in and around Thiruvannamalai. I am proud as it is accredited by NAAC as ‘B’ Grade College. The college presently offers 14 UG and 10 PG courses under CBCS pattern with strength of about 5600 students. M.Phil., and Ph.D., research courses are conducted in various departments. Both Arts and Science departments are conducting, seminars, conferences and workshops in their respective discipline to provide a unique platform to the fresher’s in that particular field. Apart from curriculum activities, we have National Service Scheme(NSS), National Cadet Corps(NCC), Youth Red Cross (YRC), Red Ribbon Club (RRC), Consumer Citizen Club (CCC) and Student’s co-operative store are render their services to students. We have fully equipped laboratories, library and also Gym in Physical Education. The students are beneficiaries in receiving various scholarships as implemented by the Government of India and Tamil Nadu. To fulfill the academic needs and demands of the students, students are taken to curriculum oriented industrial visits.

I strongly believe the quotation

“Knowledge is Power. Information is liberating. Education is Premise of progress in every society, in every family”

Kofi Annan

Former UNO General Secretary


M.Com., M.Phil., CCA., Ph.D.,